What’s up?!!

I’m back! And I’m not leaving. Life has been busy and I am officially an author. I have 2 books published on Wattpad. Download it and search up my profile: 12160407h. Please comment if you know who’s celebs bday is this Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

I’m back!

I’m back! I thought about my life in the last month and I realize I really like blogging. I needed time to see who I was and i realize blogging is my thing! I also am working on a new book on Wattpad. I picked up a new hobby too. Check back tomorrow to find out what the hobby is.

Happy birthday to…

Hey guys sadly I will not do a big post today and this will unfortunately be my last post forever. I quit as a blogger because I’m not good at it. Please forgive me my fans if I have any and happy birthday to thomas Jefferson ( former deceased president)

Quick post

Hi guys! Sorry this post will not be long! I just got back from the mountains. Guess which mountain it is based on clues. I’ll tell tomorrow.

Clue 1 it starts with a m

Clue 2 named after a scientist

Clue 3 the person is male

History of one of the finest animals ever known

Hey guys, I’m back! I’m sorry if my blog post have been boring. My life is super busy right now but enough about me. Today we are going to learn about wolves. 20,000 thousand years ago wolves become more common by either being bred by early humans or eating scraps of early humans food(science daily. Com) . The top speed for one wolf is 47 MPH, while the top speed for a bear is 35 MPH . Yes, wolfs are faster than bears but one wolf will not survive a bear attack(purely facts.com) that leads us to another fact. Wolves have many prey but only one main enemy, the bear. Bears kill wolf cubs to make them submit and give up their territory. Many times the pack fights to pack a choice. That results in wolfs killing their own pups and blood( natural history) well that’s all for now time to clean my room)