Boat trip

OMG! I’m going on a boat. I’m so excited, I only been on a boat 2 times. Comment if you been on a boat before. Tell me your experience. Well that’s all for now. And also I have another post soon today on the history of wolfs so be ready

The first month of summer is ending.

Hi Guys. It’s Haylie here. I’m a new blogger. I decided my first blog should be about summer. For students summer started June 9th, the day all kids love( if you don’t have summer school). For adults, they are still working. However both of those types of people should still be active. Many people, including me used the first month of summer to be lazy. We are starting our second month and it is time we start being active again. We all need a place to start and I picked…

CLEANING YOUR ROOM! I know every kid hates this( me included) but it makes you feel so much better. The first thing you should do is put your phone down. It won’t help you! In fact your rooms get messy because of your phone. You throw stuff somewhere so you can get back to your phone. Next thing, start on making the bed. Everything that should not be on it should be off. This makes your room look bigger and it gives you a place to put stuff on instead of the floor. Now go around your room and pick up all the clothes and dump them on the bed. Throw dirty clothes in hamper. You can even pretend your doing basketball. Fold all your clean clothes and put them in the right place. If you wanna deep clean organize your draws.

Alright, I gave you enough help to finish the rest . You can do it. After that, take a walk or help your brother ride his bicycle ( oh come on, he isn’t that annoying) your helping your body too